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dwntwn_flag Scene on Route 66 in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. whitesands_leb White Sands Motel, Lebanon, Missouri. amboy_crater Volcanic crater near Amboy, California. clines_aerial Aerial views of Clines Corners, New Mexico. dntn_need Downtown Needles, California. horn_abq Horn Motor Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. As was common at the time, the Horn also featured a fueling station. arcadia_kgmn Panoramic view of the Arcadia Lodge, Kingman, Arizona. big_cut This fiesta_pon Fiesta Motel and Cafe, Pontiac, Illinois. golden_w_tuc Golden W Motel and Pancake House, Tucumcari, New Mexico. fleetwd_spril Fleetwood Restaurant, Springfield, Illinois. pine_spr_wms Pine Springs Camp of Williams boasted cabins with convenient access to the Grand Canyon. plainsman_hlbk The Plainsman, Holbrook, Arizona. katsons_abq Katson's Drive-In Restaurant, Albuquerque, New Mexico. gc_ct_wms Grand Canyon Court and Station, Williams, Arizona. rio_gr_vlly Route 66 descending into the Rio Grand Valley (New Mexico).