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pk_plz_flag Park Plaza Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona. perkins_wstl Perkins Tourist Camp, rest_hvn_spr Rest Haven Motor Court, Springfield, Missouri. sandias The Sandia Mountains are just to the east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. schumans4_rol Schuman's Tourist City, Rolla, Missouri. smiths_ama Smith's Motel, boasting TWO locations in Amarillo, Texas at the time this card was published (ca. 1930s). span_ct_ama Spanish Courts, Amarillo, Texas. star_ct_yuk Star Courts, Yukon, Oklahoma. carney_rol Carney Manor Inn, Rolla, Missouri. escalante Escalante Hotel, Ash Fork, Arizona. gallup_dntn View of downtown Gallup, New Mexico. mapcard2 Postcard map of Route 66, cityhall_nee City Hall of Needles, California. pennant_rol Sinclair Pennant Hotels maintained a location on U. S. 66 in Rolla, Missouri. soview_spril Southern View Motel, Springfield, Illinois. royal_okc Royal Motel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.