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arcadia_kgmn Arcadia Lodge, Kingman, Arizona. delwebbs_flag Del Webb's Highway House, Flagstaff, Arizona. castle_jop Castle Kourt, Joplin, Missouri. barstow2 View of downtown Barstow, California during the Route 66 era. bigarr_hck Big Arrows Trading Post, at Houck, Arizona, consisted of a market, curio shop, and gasoline station. co_rvr Railroad and automobile bridges over the Colorado River near Topock, Arizona. c_janara_arc Casa Janara Restaurant, Arcadia, California. bazell_wins Bazell Camp Ground, Winslow, Arizona. c_grande_abq Casa Grande Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. boyer_okc Boyer Hotel Court, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At this point, the terminology was getting away from the phrase central2_abq View on Central Avenue (U.S. 66), downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. cortez_sprmo Cortez Motor Courts, Springfield, Missouri. deluxe_cts_okc De Luxe Courts, on the west side of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. dinosaur_cav Dinosaur Caverns, Arizona. The caves were earlier known as Coconino Caverns, and today have been renamed yet again to Grand Canyon Caverns. fiesta2_pon Fiesta Motel, Pontiac, Illinois. gans_hooker Gan's Gift Shop, Hooker, Missouri.