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chenoa_mtl Chenoa Motel, Chenoa, Illinois. cloverleaf_leb Cloverleaf Motel, Lebanon, Missouri. dinghow_ama Ding How Restaurant, Amarillo, Texas. dntn3_kgmn Downtown Kingman, Arizona. flagstaff View of downtown Flagstaff, Arizona, with the San Francisco peaks in the background. junges_jop Junge's Bakery Products, of Joplin, Missouri, thought highly enough of this animated sign to feature it--and not their building--on postcards. hilite_stjms The Camp Hi Lite Motel and Cafe offered hlbk_dntn Bird's-eye view of downtown Holbrook, Arizona. ivy_mtl_stl Ivy Motel, St Louis, Missouri. labajada Severe switchbacks once characterized the climb up La Bajada Hill. This card seems to pre-date the Route 66 era. madonna_upl Madonna of the Trail monument, Upland, California. rossis_bwd Rossi's Motel, Braidwood, Illinois. rockwd_sprmo Rockwood Court and Cafe, Springfield, Missouri. tucumcari Tucumcari, New Mexico, at nightfall. boodle_lane Mr Boodle Lane, proprietor of Boodle's Mineral Specimens of Galena, seen in an underground cavern. apache_abq Promotional card for the Apache Lodge of Albuquerque, New Mexico.