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alpine_ct_flag Alpine Court Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona. ama_fldr Cover illustration from a postcard folder featuring views of Amarillo, Texas. ahead3_gall Arrowhead Lodge, Gallup, New Mexico. This card is unusual in that it refers to Route 66 as the art_inst The Art Institute of Chicago is a venerable landmark near the eastern starting point of U.S. 66 at the shore of Lake Michigan. bell_kgmn Bell Motel, Kingman, Arizona. bstanley_mia Ben Stanley's Cafe, Miami, Oklahoma. townsend_flag Camp Townsend offered somewhat rustic tourist accomodations near Flagstaff, Arizona. coral_ct2 Coral Court Motel, St Louis, Missouri. This once-beautiful motel complex was razed in the late 1990s and replaced with a housing development. corocks2 Chain of Rocks Bridge, linking Illinois with Missouri at St Louis. As indicated by the illustation, there was an extensive recreational area located at the St Louis end. cthse_chan Lincoln County courthouse in Chandler, Oklahoma. elbow_cafe Devil's Elbow Cafe, Devil's Elbow, Missouri. falcon_wins Falcon Restaurant, Winslow, Arizona. fldr_n_ariz Cover of an unused postcard folder featuring frankoma_int Interior shot of the production area of Frankoma Pottery, Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The longtime Route 66 business closed its doors December 31, 2004. parade_gall Native Americans on parade, Gallup, New Mexico. kimo Kimo Theater, downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.