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abq_w_int View of Central Avenue (Route 66) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Note that at this date the limited-access interstates were in full swing, with a sign pointing to I-25 at this particular intersection. acapulco_win El Acapulco Restaurante, Winslow, Arizona. amatone_ama The Ama-Tone Court, Amarillo, Texas-- bowlins_sros Bowlin's Running Indian was a full-service tourist stop housed in a building resembling a Stuckey's. Bowlin's was at the capistrano_bsk Capistrano Courts, Baxter Springs, Kansas. 66mtl_hbk 66 Motel and Cafe, Holbrook, Arizona. acme_aft Acme Courts, Afton, Oklahoma. blubon_stl Blue Bonnet Court, St Louis, Missouri. boyer2_okc Boyer Hotel Court, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. cecils_ama Cecil's Steakhouse, Amarillo, Texas. Formerly the Sagebrush Inn No. 3. circle_s_tuc Tri-view card for the Circle S Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico. coffee_lud Friend's Coffee Shop, Ludlow, California. cooks_tul Cook's Court, Tulsa, Oklahoma. coronado_kgmn Coronado Court, Kingman, Arizona. davis_ct_abq Interior view at the Davis Auto Court, Albuquerque, New Mexico. frontier_tul Frontier Motel, Tulsa, Oklahoma.