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siesta_kgmn Siesta Motel, Kingman, Arizona. maisels3_abq Maisel's Indian Trading Post, Albuquerque, New Mexico. baxter_cabins Baxter Modern Cabins, Baxter Springs, Kansas. bazell_wins The Bazell Modern Court, Winslow, Arizona. bell_wayn Bell Hotel, Waynesville, Missouri. boots_di Boots Drive-in and Gift Shop, Carthage, Missouri. cloverleaf_leb Cloverleaf Motel, Lebanon, Missouri. cobra_cact_gra A name change is indicated on this card: Cobra Gardens later became known as Cactus Gardens. (Grants, N. Mex.) cov_wgn_abq arrowhd_sprmo Arrowhead Motel, Springfield, Missouri. coral_ct2 The famous Coral Court Motel, St Louis, Missouri. hotelcuba Hotel Cuba, in Cuba, Missouri. des_skies_gall Desert Skies Motel, Gallup, New Mexico. lacita2 La Cita Mexican Restaurant, Tucumcari, New Mexico. This early version lacks the dramatic architecture the restaurant became known for later. lariat_mor Lariat Lodge Motel, Moriarty, New Mexico. meramec Interior view of Meramec Caverns, near Stanton, Missouri.