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yucca_gra Yucca Hotel, Grants, New Mexico. zia_ct_gall Zia Court Motel, Gallup, New Mexico. zuni2_abq Zuni Motor Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The reverse side of the card includes this message: wrogers_field Greetings from Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma. Route 66 is sometimes called the Will Rogers Highway. wms_mtl_wms Williams Motel, Williams, Arizona. wm_tell_sanm William Tell Motel and Apartments, Santa Monica, California. wilders_jop Wilder's Restaurant, Joplin, Missouri. wigwam_int_rial Interior view of a room at the Wigwam Village Motel, Rialto, California. wideawake_ed Wide-A-Wake Cafe, Edmond, Oklahoma. whitts2_tul Whitt's Motel, Tulsa, Oklahoma. whites_car White's Court, Carthage, Missouri. white_way2_abq The White Way Court Motor Hotel describes its location as whiterk_kgmn White Rock Court, Kingman, Arizona. whispwinds_flg Whispering Winds Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona. westport_jop Westport Motel, Joplin, Missouri. west_trl3_okc Western Trail Motel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Note the oil derricks visible in the vicinity.