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hillcrest_kgmn Hillcrest Motel, Kingman, Arizona. hwyhost_pasa Hi-Way Host Motel, Pasadena, California. Listen to the list of amenities described on the reverse. They included: joplin_mo Greetings from Joplin, Missouri. lexington Lexington Cafe, Lexington, Illinois. Notice how close to the railroad track this building was located. lincoln_okc Lincoln Courts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. mayo_la Mayo Motel, Los Angeles, California. 2rivers_wayn This postcard depicts the confluence of the Roubidoux and Gasconade Rivers in the Ozark region of Missouri near Waynesville. meramec3 This postcard for Meramec Caverns is actually assembled from several images available as individual postcards. The caverns are near Stanton, Missouri, and still draw tourists to the area. oakgr_sprmo Oak Grove Lodge, east of Springfield, Missouri. n_aire_spril Northern Aire Motel, Springfield, Illinois. This motel evidently underwent a name change, but the old postcards continued to be pressed into service. pacbluff2 A photographic view of Pacific Bluffs, near Pacific, Missouri. p_des_hopi This postcard for the Painted Desert is unusual in actually naming the American Indians in the picture. sage_barst Sage Motel, Barstow, California. sanmon_pier This recreational pier is just to the south of where Route 66 eventually came to its end in Santa Monica, California. The pier is still in operation today. silspur3_ama Silver Spur Motel, Amarillo, Texas. The Silver Spur still stands on Amarillo Blvd, a later skyline_ama Skyline Motel, Amarillo, Texas.