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camplkt_mo Camp Lookout was, according to the reverse side of the card: sunset_sprmo Sunset Court, Springfield, Missouri. 4acre_leb 4-Acre Camp, on the eastern edge of Lebanon, Missouri. 66-40_nm This postcard folder was published in later years (ca. 1960s), when the highway was signed U.S. 66 in some places, Interstate 40 in others. acehi_pasa Ace-Hi Motel, Pasadena, California. beacon_bars The Beacon boundary_nee National Old Trails Highway was an older name for much of the western reaches of Route 66. cactus_tuc Cactus Motor Lodge, Tucumcari, New Mexico. Features included grotto_can Grotto located in the Catholic cemetery on the edge of town at Canute, Oklahoma. delta_say Delta Motel, Sayre, Oklahoma. elms_jop Elms Motel, Joplin, Missouri. grill_elkcy This cafe in Elk City, Oklahoma, went by a simple name: The Grill. grottocts_tul Grotto Courts, Tulsa, Oklahoma. hurst_chan Hurst Lodge, Chandler, Oklahoma. pedicones Pedicone's, Lyons, Illinois. ozark_webcy Ozark Motel, Webb City, Missouri.