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fishing The Fishing is Great Here. This is a generic card which has been overprinted for Waynesville, Missouri along the bottom. oatman Scene from downtown Oatman, Arizona. Aside from the automobiles, Oatman has changed as little as any town on Route 66 in seventy-plus years. nackard_flg Nackard Inn Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona. frontier_okc Scene from Frontier City, an amusement complex in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. golden_flg The Golden Drumstick Restaurant, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The back of the card says in part: indian_abq Interior of the Fred Harvey Indian Building, Albuquerque, New Mexico. kgmn_mtl3 Kingman Motel, Kingman, Arizona. l_mtl_flag The madison_jop Madison Motel, Joplin, Missouri. meramec_rvr Meramac River near Stanton, Missouri. mule_rolla Mule Trading Post, Rolla, Missouri. This photo is from the 1970s. palms_nee The Palms, Needles, California. parkplz_stl Park Plaza Court, St Louis, Missouri. resthvn_sprmo Rest Haven Court, Springfield, Missouri. This motel, and its eye-catching sign pictured at upper left, are still standing. corral_sprmo Corral Drive-in Restaurant, Springfield, Missouri. elpueblo_flg El Pueblo Motor Court, Flagstaff, Arizona.