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rkages Rock of Ages mineral shop, Commerce, Oklahoma. nomad_ash The Nomad Motel in Ash Fork, Arizona had an Arabian Nights flavor. harvard Harvard House Motel, Hollywood, California. avalon_gall Avalon Cafe, Gallup, New Mexico. meteor This postcard of the Meteor Crater in Arizona shows the ruins of a structure built for an exploratory shaft. priddys Priddy's Restaurant was on Routes 66 and 77 just north of the capitol building in Oklahoma City. The many restaurants and motels in this vicinity from the Route 66 era are now gone. 66ct_stl 66 Auto Court, Saint Louis, Missouri. ok_capitol This view of the domeless capitol in Oklahoma City shows some of the many oil derricks which used to dot the city. crozier The California Limited passing through Crozier Canyon in northwest Arizona. lakeshore Lake Shore Motel, Carthage, Missouri. kel_lake Kel-Lake Motel, on the eastern outskirts of Carthage, Missouri. alpac Alpac Cafe, between Allenton and Pacific, Missouri. delbow Cafe and bridge at Devil's Elbow, Missouri. Route 66 was bypassed in favor of a more modern four-lane alignment here during World War II in order to facilitate the movement of military equipment to and from nearby Fort Leonard Wood. snells Snell's Cafe, Sullivan, Missouri. huffmans Huffman's Ozark Souvenirs, Strafford, Missouri. itlldo_grts The humbly-named It'll Do Inn Motel on Route 66 in Grants, New Mexico.