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major At the Major Court, amenities touted on the reverse of the card include autoct The Down-Town Auto Court of Los Angeles was located on Figueroa Street. bowens Bowens Court was clearly representative of Pasadena style. bella Bella Vista Motor Court, Pasadena, California. boyer This Oklahoma City lodging, the Boyer, used a somewhat unusual name--Hotel Court--that never really caught on well. bridal The photo on this card was taken in the buckaroo Buckaroo Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico. The Buckaroo is still in business today. bungalow Bungalow Court was not an uncommon name. This one was on the east side of Springfield, Missouri, but there are also cards in the University's collection depicting a Bungalow Court in Amarillo, Texas. desierto The Casa del Desierto (House of the Desert) was one of the grand Harvey Houses at a time when most long-distance travel took place by rail. It still stands in Barstow, California, and today contains a Route 66 museum. cedarcrk Cedar Crest Camp, Lebanon, Missouri. chambless This oblong card features Chambless Camp east of Amboy, California. The reverse side (also shown) includes mileage figures to and from several other Route 66 towns. bsprgs A view of the city hall building in downtown Baxter Springs, Kansas. civic Civic Theater, Webb Ciy, Missouri. The postcard seems to emphasize food--I wonder what sort of shows the theater featured? clark Clark Motel, Pasadena, California, colonial Colonial Courts, Amarillo, Texas. The architectural style seems a tad out-of-place this far west. conchas Conchas Motor Lodge, Tucumcari, New Mexico.