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franciscan Franciscan Lodge, Grants, New Mexico. This place sounds pretty swank: frontier Frontier Lodge, Albuquerque, New Mexico. galloway Nathan glenmae Glen Mae Motel, Stroud, Oklahoma. gspread Golden Spread Motel, Groom, Texas. This motel was converted to a storage facility in recent years. grantscafe Grants Cafe, Grants, New Mexico. pdesert One of the famous happy Happy Angler Inn, in the Britton section of Oklahoma City. hiline Hi-Line Motel, Ash Fork, Arizona. The back of the card includes this: hillcrest Hillcrest Motel, Amarillo, Texas. This name was shared by a number of establishments on Route 66. hills Hill's Cafe, Vega, Texas. The extra-large sign is still standing. jackrabbit Jackrabbit Trading Post, Joseph City, Arizona. Not shown is the feature for which the place is most famous, the kingbros King Bros. Motel, St. Louis, Missouri. l_mtl Isn't this card gorgeous? I'd stay here in a heartbeat. L Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona. lariat Lariat Lodge, Gallup, New Mexico. lasso Lasso Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico.