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decal_meramec Decal promoting Meramec Caverns, rock_vill_ct2 Bar of soap from the Rock Village Court, Springfield, Missouri. map_willrogers Road map using one of U.S. 66's nicknames, the Will Rogers Highway. gallup_mag Promotional map of Gallup, New Mexico. kingcole2 Capitol Records' recording of Nat King Cole (and his King Cole Trio) performing Bobby Troup's bon_clyde_mo66 Bonnie and Clyde, notorious criminals, posing beside a U.S. 66 roadsign somewhere in Missouri. bus_66_sign Roadside shield denoting the meramec_match Matchbook from Meramec Caverns, near Stanton, Missouri. Just a few of the selling points include: Guide service; No waiting; always 60 degrees; and, Huge Picnic area. az66_bell Arizona US 66 souvenir bell featuring a roadrunner. la_posada Brochure from La Posada, a Fred Harvey Hotel located in Winslow, Arizona. flagstaff_pmark Commemorative postmark from Flagstaff, Arizona, 2001 (75 Anniversary). buffaloranch Brass medallion from the Buffalo Ranch, near Afton, Oklahoma. bowl_rods Oval serving dish from Rod's Steakhouse, Williams, Arizona. Rod's sold a lot of china over the years. 66nm_decal Souvenir decal, Route 66 in New Mexico. courtcafe_front Small advertising card for the Court Cafe, Albuquerque, New Mexico, located just a few doors north of Central Avenue (Route 66). fun_fair_ticket Ticket to Fun Fair Park, near the foot of the Chain of Rocks Bridge, St Louis, Missouri.