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booklet_47 U. S. 66 promotional booklet, dated 1947, and published by Main Street Publications, Tulsa, Oklahoma. bus_card_mcl Business card for J. A. Meador, owner of the Meador Cafe, McLean, Texas. Note the two-digit telephone number. chicken_mug Chicken-in-the-Rough coffee mug, from a chain of restaurants once found on Route 66. wayside_ash Ashtray from the Wayside Auto Court, on the chicken_match Matchbook advertising Chicken-in-the-Rough, served at the Jones Brothers Village Restaurant in Amarillo, Texas. bus_sched Greyhound bus schedule for New York to Los Angeles, including Route 66. glass_chan Drinking glass from the Childress Cafe, Chandler, Oklahoma. eulalia_match Matchbook from Eulalia's Grill in Elk City, Oklahoma. lazy_ash Ashtray from Lazy Larry's, Pacific, Missouri. Note that this is from a transitional era, and makes mention of both US 66 and Interstate 44. kingroad_mus Brochure for the Kings of the Road Museum, Cucamonga, California, featuring antique automobiles. wrogers_dec Decal touting Route 66 as the Will Rogers Memorial Highway. union_cal Advertising calendar (1964) from a business in Winslow, Arizona. tizrite_men Menu from the Tiz-Rite Grill, Lincoln, Illinois. calisch_ltr Sheet of stationery from the Vorenburg Hotel of Tucumcari, New Mexico, dated May 16, 1907, long before the main route through town was designated U. S. 66. game_set Route 66 game set, from the era of the television series of that name (early 1960s). mileage_calc Rotary mileage calculator advertising the Tocom-Kari Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico, which at the time was a member of United Motor Courts. dowells_men Menu from Dowell's Cafe of Amarillo, Texas.