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elrancho_gal Wraparound matchbook cover for the El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, New Mexico. elrancho2_gal Hotel El Rancho, Gallup, New Mexico. This example includes a mileage table. elrancho3_gal Another design for the El Rancho of Gallup, New Mexico. elrancho4_gal This monochrome version of the El Rancho's artwork may have been produced during a lean year, in order to keep costs down. farrell_ama Farrell Manor, Amarillo, Texas -- free radios and newspapers were just some of the amenities. flamingo_okc Flamingo Motel, Oklahoma City. grants_cafe Grants Cafe and Cocktail Lounge boasted of herbst_pon This matchbook comes from a Shell distributor in Pontiac, Illinois. sundown_hlbk The Sundown Dining Room and Coffee Shop featured both American and Chinese menu items. (Holbrook, Arizona) jade_kgmn Jade Restaurant, Kingman, Arizona. jobby_dag The automotive service center advertised on this matchbook was formerly in Daggett, California. lasiesta_jop La Siesta Motel, Joplin, Missouri -- manor_jol Manor Motel, Joliet, Illinois. motaurant_hlbk Motoraunt Coffee Shop, Holbrook, Arizona. Also featuring mtl_vinita Motel Vinita, Vinita, Oklahoma. paloduro_ama Palo Duro Motel, Amarillo, Texas.