Route 66 Study Guide

There are numerous ways to start your study of Route 66. We strongly recommend that the serious student take advantage of all of the resources below. Happy exploring!

U.S. 66: History

Published here is a short essay on the history of the highway that came to be known as America's Main Street. Excellent orientation material for freshmen.


Numerous maps have been made available online. Some are original; some are decades-old reproductions of road maps commonly used by travelers during the Route 66 era. These older maps are provided via the doctrine of Fair Use.

Photo Tour

Kick back and enjoy a visual tour of Route 66 through hundreds of photographs.

The News Wire

Check here for current news articles featuring Route 66 from all over the world.

The Glossary Project

The Route 66 Glossary Project is an ongoing endeavor to collect the words, phrases, expressions, etc connected to the Mother Road and define them so that everyone can appreciate their signficance in the Route 66 culture.

Campus News: The Road Map

Read the University's own campus newspaper for news items, opinions, art, and other features.

Who's Who

Our Who's Who page is a directory of some of the people who have had significant influence on Route 66 or are otherwise known for their connection to the Mother Road. This includes persons who had a commercial, cultural, historical, or preservationist influence.

Business Directory

It's hard to separate Route 66 from her commercial clout. Prior to the interstates, major U.S. highways, 66 included, were peppered with privately-owned businesses, many of which were designed to meet the special needs of the traveling/touring public. These roadside businesses are a huge part of what makes the Mother Road so very special.

The Short List

A condensed list of the truly must-see, most-notable attractions along the Mother Road. If you drive Route 66 only one time, it is a near-crime to pass any of these sites without stopping.

Essays, Articles

Here you'll find a collection of articles and essays written by a variety of Route 66 aficionados. The content is as varied as the authors' own specialties.

“I Remember . . .”

Personal Recollections: Learn about Route 66 by reading the stories of those who experienced it first-hand.

Artifacts, Ephemera

This area consists of a small collection of objects and memorabilia evocative of Route 66, including lots of vintage postcards.

Recommended Reading

One measure of Route 66's significance to American culture is the sheer number of books, periodicals, documentaries, web sites, and other works of art so dedicated. Here we acknowledge our debt to some of the many works on Route 66 through which University students might expand their horizons even further.

Web Resources

Links to related web sites in several categories.


You can be a material contributor to the Route 66 University. Look throughout this site for invitations to share your own love of Route 66 by submitting articles, maps, journal entries, etc. Help enrich everyone's study of Route 66!