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Route 66 the Setting for New Film

2009-03-26 20:29:18

Billy Yeager—who, incidentally, is the nephew of Bunny Yeager, the well-known pinup photographer of the 1950s and 60s—announces a film project inspired by the Mother Road.

As Billy himself put it this week:

My name is Billy Yeager. My wife Anais and myself are 2 weeks away from leaving Florida and traveling back to Route 66 where we will begin filming our movie "Jesus of Malibu."

I still have a few bugs to work out on the web-site which will give you all the information about the film and locations. My objective is to let everyone know—organizations, groups, etc.—that this is not just another typical Road Movie, and that Route 66 holds a very special place in both of our hearts.

Growing up in Florida and never having made the road trip across the states Westbound, I somehow knew in my spirit and soul that Route 66 would hold a secret message for me. I was correct, and the trip changed not only my story and script, but also became a vital central figure for our story. I think you[r readers] will understand better when [they] visit the web-site and watch the opening trailer and then go to the story on the "about" page.

We are leaving the end of this month, traveling with our trailer to Flagstaff where we will begin to prepare and design our locations.

The web link for the movie is:


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