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Billboard Taints View of Route 66 Icon

2010-10-15 20:23:22

ARCADIA, Okla. - Drivers along historic Route 66 in Arcadia have noticed the famous Round Barn when on the road since 1898. However, controversy has begun to brew on what’s being built next to the Oklahoma landmark.

It’s a site that people travel from around the world to see on the famous stretch of road to snap photos of the landmark with its peaceful setting and informative tours.

“It's really nice. It's a Route 66 icon thing that you would expect to find on Route 66,” said Route 66 traveler Helen Brown.

Brown’s family is from Virginia and said they just had to stop and take pictures when they saw the Round Barn.

This week though, something stood in the way of the Brown’s beauty shot, a billboard.

“It just ruins the whole thing. Spoils it,” said Brown.

As of Friday, the frame for the new billboard stands in front of the barn and is causing big problems.

Officials with the Arcadia Historical Society said they never would have given permission for the billboard if it blocked travelers from seeing the barn’s beauty.

The society said they didn’t know anything about the plans to erect it, until the billboard frame was there.

“It obscures the view of the barn after they put all the money into it to restore it,” said Brown.

Residents in Arcadia have begun protesting and have attempted to get police involved to halt the construction before the billboard was complete.

A public town hall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday where anyone can voice their concerns on the billboard.

Mayor Marilyn Murrell said she is expecting a lot of people to attend.


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