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Route 66 Trailhead Opens

2012-10-20 07:43:20

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. - The history of the city and Route 66 is alive and well at the recently dedicated Route 66 Trailhead Park, along with improvements to Foothill Boulevard east of the new Pacific Electric Bridge.

A veritable outdoor museum, the new park features a portion of the original iron bridge that was nearby above Foothill, just west of Vineyard, from 1929 until it was removed in 2010 for its replacement by the Pacific Electric Bridge. The bridge is part of the Pacific Electric Trail.

Other interesting elements include the planting of mission grapes, which had carpeted the landscape when wine production dominated the area. A stretch of the original two-lane Route 66 pavement from the early 20thcentury is in the western part of the park.

"Now that the Route 66 Trailhead has been been completed, visitors and residents alike can use this area to either start on the trail, pause while they're on the he trail, or end their journey on the trail as they travel along the Pacific Electric Trail," said Mayor Dennis Michael.

Sandra Sanchez of Ontario was enjoying a run Tuesday along the city's Pacific Electric Trail, adjacent to the park.

"I usually go to the trail at Foothill and Euclid in Upland, and I've come here a handful of times," Sanchez said. "Now it's open I'll come back regularly. The times I do come, there are lots of families and people walking their dogs."

Michael thanked residents for enduring delays, traffic, construction noise, dust, closures and the removal of the bridge.

He said the improvements to Foothill open the area up for safer and efficient travel, increased property values, attracting and retaining businesses to the area.

The park recently was dedicated with the help of a woman who was part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony of an earlier improvement to Route 66 more than 70 years ago.

As a young girl, Upland native Joan Andreas Miller helped dedicate the 1938 Route 66 widening project, when the road was widened to four lanes across.

Miller was delighted to be a special guest to help cut the ribbon at the dedication for Route 66 Trailhead Park and Foothill Boulevard improvements .

"I just think this has been a wonderful job to restore something that everyone flew by, and it's very, very pretty," Miller said. "I'm gonna have to come and take a walk."

The new improvements widen the road to six lanes across east of the Pacific Electric Bridge. Completion of the last phase of widening and improvement of Route 66, west to Grove Avenue, is on hold, officials said because of the dissolution of redevelopment agencies and the loss of funds because of the state action earlier this year.

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