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Route 66 Still Special

2013-03-07 10:35:04

MIAMI, Okla. - There is just something special about Route 66.

Of course, that's nothing new to anyone who calls Miami or the four-state area home. Route 66 is as American as Chevy trucks, baseball and apple pie, but it means a little more when your life is tied to the Mother Road.

Even though it has now been up and greeting visitors on South Main Street since October 2012, I still can't get over how incredible the Gateway Sign looks as it serves as the perfect welcome mat for hometowners and visitors, alike.

Main Street in Miami screams Route 66, from the Gateway Sign to the historic Coleman Theater, the Route 66 signs atop each stop sign, and the signage of several storefronts.

There's just this special magic about Route 66 that instantly takes you back to a simpler time. A time before cell phones, text messages, Facebook and around-the-clock emails that have filled our lives with more noise. Route 66 takes us back to a time when teen-agers used to hang out and "talk" to each other at the local hangout, inside of talking to each other in a virtual Google hangout.

Route 66 takes us back to the days when cruising meant you and your buddies piled in a car and drove up and down Main Street, instead of now spending your days "cruising" Facebook to see photos of your old high school buddy's new dog.

Again, I know it's been said, but a big thank you to all who were involved in getting the Gateway Sign back up over Route 66.

It truly is the perfect welcome mat to Miami, and it's been a great thing to see each morning as I visited the News-Record office this week.

~Rick Rogers,


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