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Re-Marking Route 66

2013-07-26 16:22:09

AMARILLO, Tex. - Route 66 in Amarillo will soon be enhancing its image. It won't be long before new signs line 6th Avenue honoring the history behind Route 66.

President of the Historic Route 66 Association, Cody Anderson says, this project has been a few years in the making and will be funded with money they have raised at various fundraisers.

"A couple years we've been working with the city and Xcel getting some new Route 66 banners put up down here on our little section of historic Route 66 in Amarillo," he said.

Anderson says the signs are a symbol of their passion for the historic route. He hopes it will help draw people to the area.

"If you show how much you say you love Route 66, show your support towards programs like that, then people see that and will react to you so you will have more people wanting to come down and show their support as well."

In the next few months, these new metal signs will begin to appear between Georgia and Western streets.

Business owners in this area say they are excited for the enhancement and hope it will attract more business.

The designs for these signs aren't being shown yet. But, Anderson tells us they will be bigger than some of the green signs that are in the area now and will have the traditional Route 66 shield incorporated in the design.

~Colleen Nelson,


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