The Short List

The Short List is just that: a very short list of some of the truly "must-see" attractions along Route 66. Slow down and check 'em out, because if you don't, it's your loss!

The outstanding attractions below are listed in no particular order. Most of these listings include—or will include—a link to more information elsewhere on this site.

Catoosa Whale

Blue Whale of Catoosa

Catoosa, Oklahoma

What amounts to a miniature water park greeted Route 66 travelers passing through Catoosa, Oklahoma.


Jackrabbit Trading Post

Joseph City, Arizona

After seeing teaser billboards for hundreds of miles, there's just no way NOT to stop at the Jackrabbit when at last you finally arrive . . .

Round Barn, Arcadia

Round Barn of Arcadia

Arcadia, Oklahoma

Built in 1898 and restored nearly a century later . . .

Blue Swallow Motel

Blue Swallow Motel

Tucumcari, New Mexico

Pier detail, Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica, California

A Short stroll from the western end of Route 66 is this amusement pier, frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Holbrook teepees

Wigwam Villages

Holbrook, Arizona, and Rialto, California

Have YOU Slept in a Wigwam Lately?

U Drop Inn

U Drop Inn

Shamrock, Texas

Its art deco-inspired towers spring abruptly from the Texas plain . . .

Gemini Giant

Gemini Giant

Wilmington, Illinois

Once common on American roadsides, a former muffler man stands sentry at the Launching Pad . . .

Snow Cap Drive In

Seligman, Arizona

This menu's got everything, including Dead Chicken . . .

Big Texan, Amarillo

Big Texan Steak Ranch

Amarillo, Texas

Things really are bigger in Texas, and here's the proof.


Totem Pole Park

Foyil, Oklahoma

Folk artist Ed Galloway labored long and hard to create this small pocket of whimsy in northeastern Oklahoma.

Roy's, Amboy, California

Roy's Motel & Cafe

Amboy, California

66 Diner, Albuquerque

66 Diner

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Though lost to fire several years ago, this Streamline jewel has been fully restored and is ready for your visit.

Eisler Brothers Store

Riverton, Kansas

On Route 66 even before there WAS a Route 66 . . .


Hydro, Oklahoma

Made famous by one of Route 66's greatest ambassadors ever . . .

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Amarillo, Texas

Though it came too late to be a true Route 66 attraction, a visit to the Cadillac Ranch is a pilgrimage a true roadie simply MUST make.

Teepee Curios

Tucumcari, New Mexico

What could be more classic than a souvenir stand in the form of a teepee?

Meramec barn detail

Meramec Caverns Barns

various locations in Ill-Mo-Okla

One of the most well-promoted attractions anywhere near Route 66 . . .



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