Route 66 "Who's Who"

If you want to find out more about the people of Route 66, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a list of notable Mother Road personalities, with links to short biographies written by other Route 66 aficionados.

Included are business operators, boosters, historians, authors, artists, documentarists, and more.

We know we've left a lot of important people out, but this is an ongoing project, so you can help by submitting your own ideas and articles using our online submittal form.


John Steinbeck Award Winners

We start our list with this very elite and exclusive group—those who have won the John Steinbeck award, presented by the National Historic Route 66 Federation, more or less annually, to a recipient who has had significant impact in the preservation of Route 66.

Delgadillo, Angel (2000)
All-around leading citizen of Seligman, Arizona, and founder of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. -MORE-
Graham, Shellee (2005)
Meyer, Jeff (2003)
Ross, Jim (2001)
Perhaps the most fastidious researcher to ever turn his attention to the Mother Road, Jim is the hands-down expert on abandoned stretches of Route 66 in Oklahoma. -MORE-
Teague, Tom (1998)
An early advocate in the resurgence of Route 66 travel, Tom authored Searching for 66. -MORE-
Waldmire, Bob (2004)
Self-described "armchair naturalist" and son of an important Mother Road innovator, Bob is probably the most prominent and prolific Route 66 artist ever. -MORE-
Wallis, Michael (inaugural award winner, 1996)
Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Michael Wallis almost single-handedly brought America's Main Street back into the nation's consciousness with his Route 66: the Mother Road. -MORE-
Weiss, John and Lenore (2002)
The only husband-wife team to win the Steinbeck award, John and Lenore are staunch preservationists in Illinois setting an example for the rest of the country. -MORE-

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Galloway, Nathan (Ed)
This teacher and folk artist par excellence left a unique legacy for Route 66 travelers in Oklahoma. -MORE-
Klaverweiden, Larry
Tucumcari, New Mexico's unofficial Tour Master. -MORE-
Turner, Gary
Owner of the Gay Parita Station in Paris Springs, Missouri. -MORE-
Wrinkle, Glenn E. (Wrink)
Glenn Wrinkle operated Wrink's Food Market on Route 66 in Lebanon, Missouri, for more than fifty years, and was a friend to every Mother Road traveler who came through his door. -MORE-